Summer Sojourns on the Attersee

1900 - 1916

    Comparable to Claude Monet’s Giverny, Paul Cézanne’s Provence and Egon Schiele’s Krumau, the Attersee was a         place of unique artistic activity for the famous Jugendstil artist Gustav Klimt. His quest for quiet spots where he         could find relaxation and artistic inspiration first led him to spend his summers in Litzlberg near Seewalchen
    on the northern shore of the Attersee (Brewery Inn), then to Kammer from 1908 (Villa Oleander) and finally, from         1914, to Weißenbach on the lake’s southern shore (Forester’s House). A compact companion offering insights into       Klimt’s discovery of the Attersee as a refuge for the obligatory Sommerfrische, this book illustrates the artist’s             ambivalent »longing to be there« by means of numerous paintings, unique documents,  photographs and                       correspondence.
    Edition Klimt, Volume 2: Gustav Klimt. Summer Sojourns on the Attersee 1900-1916
    Edited by Sandra Tretter, Peter Weinhäupl
    ISBN 978-3-85033-969-8
    Brandstätter Verlag, Wien, 2015, 24,90