Gustav Klimt and the Secession. 1897-1905

Ed. by Gerd Pichler, Sandra Tretter, Peter Weinhäupl for the Klimt Foundation

With the multi-volume anthology "Gustav Klimt & the Secession. 1897-1905," a comprehensive publication will appear in 2023 in the Klimt Foundation's Edition Klimt Research.

It will focus on the era of Gustav Klimt in the Vienna Secession, who significantly shaped it as a founding member and first president and is inseparably linked to the importance of this pioneering artists' association and epoch that continues to this day. In terms of time, the early phase from the founding of the "Vereinigung bildender Künstler Österreichs Secession" to the departure of the Klimt group in 1905 is thus illuminated and a comprehensive overview is presented for the first time.