"Chiffre: Sehnsucht - 25". Gustav Klimt Corresponding with Maria Ucicka 1899-1916 

Edited by Sandra Tretter und Peter Weinhäupl
With Contributions from Sandra Tretter, Armin Loacker, Martina Leitner

The first volume is devoted to the hitherto unknown correspondence of Gustav Klimt to Maria Ucicka (1880-1928). For the first time, the documents provide evidence for the long-doubted fact of an extramarital relationship between Gustav Klimt and Maria Ucicka and proof of Klimt's paternity of Gustav Ucicky (1899-1961), the later cameraman and director, which is still often doubted today. The correspondence is reproduced in original size, transcribed and embedded in the context of the previously known correspondence of Gustav Klimt, which comprises around 650 documents.

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Brandstätter Verlag, Vienna, 2014
ISBN 978-3-85033-859-2 

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